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Youth Suicide- ?Leaving Ear;ly?

Leaving Early
Expository texts often present powerful social issues which challenge the reader. Suicide is a sin to talk about in today?s society. Yet it is one of the fastest killing diseases taking many lives each week. Bronwyn Donaghy has put together a factual informative expository text titled Leaving Early to inform the reader about the issue of suicide. Techniques such as facts, Statistics, case studies and interviews have been strategically combined to shock and inform the reader about this serious social issue.

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Over a long period of time Donaghy has collected information about three different young individuals, who were faced with the unexplainable condition of suicide. Donaghy has selected the most important information case these three case studies and has presented them to the reader to show how real and life changing the strong social issue of suicide can be. Donaghy presents these people in such a way that it makes the reader feel as if they are part of the family or close nit community. The result of this technique positions the reader to feel sympathetic towards the people involved in the text. Jan, Collins mother says ?We were just so blessed! First a girl and then this

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