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Working As A Teen

Putting objects into bags for other people and getting paid for it doesn?t sound like such a bad job. I mean, it doesn?t take much effort, and for a first job, it sounds like a good deal. Unfortunately, it just ?sounds? like it. Bagging groceries has to be one of the most irritable jobs. After working at Winn Dixie for a year, I hope I never have to go back, at least not to work. And guess who are the main contributors of such frustration: the customers. They all seem to have different attitudes and feelings towards how their groceries are bagged. Some aren?t much of a bother and are just there to get their groceries and leave. Others seem to have stronger feelings towards my work and want more personalized service. The worst kind are the customers who demand a fully customized job and do everything possible to make those ten minutes of work a living hell.
The first type of Winn Dixie customer is actually quite pleasant. Their objective is to just buy and leave, and not to worry about how their gallon of milk is bagged

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