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Extended Response How does Peter Weir use film techniques to highlight a particular theme? The film Witness directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford is an Action/Thriller and Romantic film. Throughout the film the theme making choices is an underlining message. Rachael and John both have to make choices which can result Rachael choosing between her son or John and John choosing between the city life and the farm life. The film technique Peter weir uses to highlight the theme making choices includes Music, Juxtaposition, Close-ups, Symbolism and Medium shots.

During the Barn Scene Rachael makes a choice to dance with John, even though she could have been shunned upon. Music is used throughout this scene the music is happy and joyful the song is ‘what a wonderful world this would be’. Also there is a medium shot while Rachael and John are dancing when they are leaning in and out; the effect of this is that it makes the audience anxious. These film techniques in this scene highlight the theme making choices.

The film technique Close up of Rachael taking off her bonnet, gives an effect to emphasise her emotions before they make love this scene highlights the theme of making choices. Another film technique used is Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is used to emphasis the difference between Amish way of life and the American way of life. As for John has to make a choice if he wants to stay with Rachael he’ll have to convert to the Amish way of life, however he chooses to leave and went back to the city life. I’m sorry, I can’t’ he says this because he made a choice. Rachael also has to make a choice ‘Samuel’ as her priority is Samuel and not John. She had to choose and her son was more important and she also didn’t want to leave her Amish way of life. Symbolism is also used throughout the film, the bonnet symbolises the Amish women and Hot dog stands highlighted American way of life. So the film techniques such as Music, Juxtaposition, close-up, Symbolism and Medium shots were used to highlight the theme Making Choices.

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