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Why One Should Join the Military There are many benefits to being a member of the United States armed forces. While serving in the armed forces, one will be taught self-discipline and how to live independently. Also, the military offers many opportunities for advancement while guaranteeing a pay check every two weeks. Finally, the military offers money every year to service members and former service members to obtain higher education. Whether one chooses to make the armed forces a career or to pursue other paths outside of the military, individuals are provided the training, skills, and opportunities to succeed in life.

Self-discipline and the ability to successfully live independently are two things that all parents wish for their children. The military is the perfect place to learn how to become independent and self-driven. From day one at boot camp, discipline is instilled in each and every potential service member regardless of which branch he/she chooses to serve. Independence is taught alongside discipline in the military. Each and every member of the armed forces is treated as an adult and, in turn, is expected to act like one. Many classes will be given throughout one’s military career including money management and personal responsibility.

These skills incorporated with self-discipline will lead to a successful life. There are many advancement opportunities within the military. Every service member also receives two paychecks per month, guaranteed. While every rank has basic pay there are also different types of additional allowances that can be added to one’s paycheck. A few examples of additional allowances are Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) (“Military housing allowance,” 2010) and Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) (“Military subsistence allowance,” 2010).

The military recognizes outstanding individuals with promotions to the next higher rank. With a promotion comes an increase in pay. Through hard work and dedication, one can earn their way to the top of the pay scale. The military gives all of it’s service members money for higher education while on active duty and after his/her military contract has expired. Any active duty service member can apply for tuition assistance while serving with the armed forces. He/she is eligible to receive up to $4,500 per year for college credit hours (Larsen, 2010).

The Post 911 GI Bill can be used after he/she has honorably completed his/her service obligation up to ten years after the contract termination date. The Post 911 GI Bill will pay for the most expensive state college or university in the former-service member’s state of residence. The reason the military is willing to pay for the education is because when service members learn new skills while attending a college or university, the service member will, in turn, better the military while using said skills.

The military can be a career or a stepping stone and regardless of its role in one’s life it will provide the training, skills, and opportunities needed to become successful. The military teaches all of it’s members self-discipline and how to become self-reliant. Also, all service members are eligible for promotion to higher ranks which means larger paychecks. Finally, the military offers money for college for both active duty service members and former service members. There are many employment opportunities out there and joining the military is a good choice for anyone looking for a great job.

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