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At? the? end? of? 2011,? an? unknown? author? wrote? an? article? entitled? “Canada? must? offer? private? options? to? combat? long? wait? times. ”?? He? begins? by? describing? many? of? the? problems? that? Canadian? health? care? is? facing? and? then? moves? on? to? discuss? the? implementation? of? private? health? care? as? a? part? of? Canada’s? overall? health? care? system.? The? author? provides? numerous? statistics? concerning? public? health? care? cost? and? how? private? health? care? is? not? only? a? necessity? but? also? something? for? which? many? people?

would? be? willing? to? pay.??? The? author? uses? the? title? to? grab? the? reader’s? attention? as? “long? wait? times”? is? one? of? the? major? issues? facing? the? health? system,? but? he? is? really? making? the? case? that? private? health? care? can? and? should? be? a? part? of? the? public? healthcare? system? in? Canada.?? This? writer? agrees? with? the? author? and? believes? that? private? care? that? complements? the? public? health? care? system? would? improve? this? system? and? be? beneficial? to? the? health? of? all? Canadians.? ?? ? The? title? of? the?

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article? aptly? addresses? one? way? that? private? options? can? benefit? the? public? healthcare? system?? by? reducing? the? long? wait? times? Canadians? face.??? As? of? the? end? of? 2014,? the? national? median? wait? time? was? more? than? 18? weeks.?? In? some? provinces? the? wait? is? as? much? as? 37? weeks.?? This? is? obviously? a? problem? for? public? health.?? Long? wait? times? are? not? benign? inconveniences.? Wait? times? can? have? serious? consequences? such? as? increased? pain,? suffering,? and? mental? anguish.? In? certain? instances,? they? can? also?

result? in? poorer? medical? outcomes.?? For? example,? one? of? this? writer’s? peers? had? to? wait? almost? three? years? for? scoliosis? surgery.?? By? the? time? of? the? surgery,? her? back? had? degenerated? so? severely,? surgery? could? not? fix? everything.?? Other? patients? may? also? lose? their? wages? while? they? wait? for? treatment,? resulting? in? an? economic? cost? to? themselves? and? to? the? economy? in? general.?? Implementing? private? health? care? options? that? complement? the? public? healthcare? system,? could? act? as? a? relief? valve? reducing?many? of? the? long? wait? periods? and? unclogging? busy? emergency? rooms.?

Some? people? will? use? the? private? option? and? as? a? result,? less? waiting? and? the? more? efficient? treatment? of? patients.? ?? ? Adding? private? health? options? to? the? public? system? would? insert? a? measure? of? competition? into? the? public? system.?? Competition? in? any? field? rarely? causes? negative? consequences,? but? generally? produces? a? lot? of? good.?? Private? options? can? frequently? deliver? services? in? a? more? efficient? manner? than? the? public? system? and?are? capable? of? producing? similar? outcomes.?

If? publicly? funded? services? can? be? delivered? more? efficiently? through? the? private? sector,? those? efficiencies? should? be? captured? provided? it? can? be? done? within? a? properly? regulated? framework.?? In? addition,? public? health? care? complemented? with? private? options? can? be? designed? and? deployed? to? create? incentives? that? encourage? each? side? to? innovate? so? that? they? can? deliver? higher? quality? at? lower? cost.?? A? bit? of? competition? can? produce? a? virtuous? circle? of? innovation,?improved? quality,? and? efficiency.? ?? ?

Canada? is? a? country? based? on? freedom? and? individual? rights.?? People? have? a? right? to? choose? what? they? want,? what? to? do,? and? how? to? live? their? life.?? Complementary? private? health? options? are? a? good? way? to? ensure? people? can? exercise? a? measure? of? freedom? when? it? comes? to? health? care.??

The? public? system? was? never? envisioned? to? cover? all? things.?? In? fact,? at? present,? it? only? covers? about? 70%? of? Canadian’s? health? care? needs.? Canada? should? develop? a? basic? but?comprehensive? package? of? medical? services? that? should? and? would? be? covered? and? allow? people? to? purchase? additional? procedures? if? they? desire.??

One? size? does? not? fit? all.?? People? are? not? told? what? make? of? car? or? size? of? house? to? buy.?? Why? should? they? be? stopped? from? spending? money? on? the? most? important? thing? in? life,? their? health?? ?? ? Canadian? public? health? care? is? a? good? and? is? to? be? commended.?? But? like? many? things,? it? has? flaws? and? problems? that? need? to? be? fixed.?? The? unknown? author? of? the?

2011? article? understands? this? and? is? making? a? case? that? private? options? could? help? alleviate? some? of? these? problems.?? This? writer? agrees? and? this? paper? has? outlined? several? reasons? why? it? is? good? to? have? private? health? options? that? complement? the? public? healthcare? system.??

It? is? this? writer’s? belief? that? these? complimenting? systems? can? jointly? deliver? quality? services? while? creating? a? robust? health? plan? which? benefits? all.? ? ? ? ? Sources? ? statistical? data? comes? from? the? fraser? institute? ? In? class? article?

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