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Section B: continuous writing (question 2) When scaling throughout the sizeable globe we could easily come to a conclusion that people in this modernized era are encountering vast number of problems. The problem I would like to emphasize about is something that will definitely leave a negative impact towards oneself and the country when the individual failed to notice its growth and development in their own body.

Perhaps it would even be the downfall of a country’s economical level especially when it comes to competing with another nation or even globally. Yes, I am indeed talking about the lack of reading culture in our youths. For some this is not even a problem as it is just another trifling matter that they come across in their daily life yet they fail to notice that education is the single most essential factor in shaping the nation tomorrow as the saying goes education is the key to success.

Furthermore, the educational level also reflects the image of a country to the neighbouring country as well. Ironically, teenagers nowadays do not seem to be paying a closer attention toward their academic level as a result of lack of reading culture. So, this raises a curiosity on what are the factors that propels them in cultivating this bad culture which will only tarnish their own image. The dominant factor which contributes towards this rampant problem would definitely be the negative influence of the friends.

Besides, teens in this 21st century spend more time with friends than with their beloved parents thus it creates a bond in which the teenagers will start to believe their friends more than their own parents. As the relationship continues the innocent teenager will slowly begin to involve in crimes in which causes him to dramatically lose interest in reading books. For an instance teenagers nowadays are involved in wide range of criminal acts starting from a low level like stealing and lying to a higher level like being a thieves and murders.

Another obvious factor which results to the lacking reading culture among the youth is definitely the preoccupation of the youth when it comes to a modern life style. This is mainly caused by the improper perceptions and thoughts of oneself about studies when it comes to the enjoyment of modern life style. It mainly emerges when teenagers give priority toward their enjoyment first instead of their studies. Thus, providing a conducive environment for the teenagers to actually lose interest in reading books anymore.

For an example, youths are more likely to spare their time in enjoying their lives than actually facing a thick reading material called book. Another single most important factor which plays an important role in contributing towards this situation is the close affinity of the modern youth and the television programmes that are being broadcasted nonstop. There is nothing if our teenagers are showing deep interest in enjoying the daily programmes, however, it does concern us if their addiction level surpasses the dangerous level whereby they begin losing focus on their studies.

In addition, teenagers nowadays also started to watch inappropriate movies that are being broadcasted which contain adult content that is not suitable for family viewing. Hence, they will slowly begin watching movies which contain pornographic material and as a result they will tend to involve in juvenile crime. Besides, the strongest contribution factor is the existence of the hand phone which is initially mass produce for a sole purpose of only to connect people from various places from all around the world.

However, with the existence of smart phone in this era not only brought along a handful of advantages but also an ample of disadvantages. For instance hand phones are used to share pornographic material between friends and are also used as a device to share answers during the examination. Thus, it does not only provide an easy route for obtaining high scores in exams but also reduce the level whereby an individual will be less depending on the books. So, inevitably it would lead to a situation in which teenagers would not read books anymore.

In a nutshell, reading is the culture that should be cultivated by oneself from young age in order to produce first class teenagers who will one day be the main pillars of nation tomorrow. Thus, we need take an initiative and immediate action to forbid the culture of not reading books from teenagers’ heart and replace it with the culture of love reading books. As a result, we can produce a nation in which the civilians are highly intellectual and can progress in various fields. With that great accomplishment and success is sure to follow for both the individual and the nation itself.

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