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Procrastination A Battle From Within

Taking pride in my work and making sure something is done to the best of my abilities are two things that I feel will take me very far in the things that I do in my work, and personal life, a along with my learning team. In my prospective of things a person?s attitude or characteristics are shown through the outcome of their projects or assignments. If someone doesn?t care enough to take their time to make sure something is flawless before turning it in, then to me, this tells me that they do not care about their own personal life to make sure their aren?t any problems, especially the ones that can be fixed in a matter of minutes. I don?t want to settle in life knowing something could have been ten times better if I would of taking five to ten minutes more to better the situation. Not only are you depriving yourself from the best possible outcome but you are hurting the one?s that are closely around you. If you are doing a mediocre job on a task your spouse, at home, or a close colleague at work will be affected

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