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MY UNFORGETTABLE TRIP (SEMPU ISLAND) Sempu Island is amazing island, located about 70 kilometers south of the center of ‘Malang’ city, East Java. Technically, this island is a nature reservation under the jurisdiction of the natural resources conservation station (BKSDA IV) in Malang. The most interesting part of the Sempu Island is there are lake and lagoon inside of this island. The Lake called “Segara Lele” is a brackish water lake, and the unique one is why there is brackish water on the island surrounded by a sea which should brine.

However, this place is less popular as a tourist spot because there are wild animals around there. The lagoon called “Segara Anakan” is a collection of separate brine from the sea by a barrier reef, sand, rock or something. This is the most popular tourist spot on the Sempu Island, because the shape of the lagoon like in the movie “Beach”. Supply water of this lagoon is derived from the big holes reef in center, which periodically provides a great view of water splash sound of waves hitting the reef and some water was flowing into there. “How to get there? ” is the question often asked.

Good question, I will answer with a cheap version or backpacker as I did with my friends. The most popular liaison city to reach this place is Malang. There is a daily train to reach Malang from Yogyakarta with various class; executive, business, or economy, especially for economy class must depart from Solo but don’t worry, from “Lempuyangan” train station in Yogyakarta we can take a train “Prambanan Express” to the “Jebres” train station in Solo because from there we can take a train “Mataremaja” that led to Malang, and for a ticket prices about 30,000 rupiahs.

After arriving at “Kota Lama” train station in Malang, from there we headed to the “Arjosari” bus station by using public transportation (angkot) or you can ask the officer in the train station about that, and the cost around 3000 rupiahs. From the “Arjosari” bus station we can use public transportation (angkot) again to get to the “Turen” market, maybe you could ask again to the officer at the bus station about that and the cost same as early. Because from there, we can find the transportation to direct to “Sendang Biru”, it will cost you around 7000 rupiahs. “Sendang Biru” is a fisherman village where you need to rent a oat for crossing the strait, it will cost you around 70,000-100,000 rupiahs, it’s includes the return fare. It was rather expensive, so you must be smart to bid with fisherman of owners the boat. After you reach the island, you still need to walk for an hour through the muddy jungle to get to lagoon “Segara Anakan”. Follow the existing track or you will get lost, if you get lost, your journey’s time will be 2-3 times longer, so be careful. This island is an isolated island, because of that there will be no signal for your phone, try to be a Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away” (sorry it’s just a joke).

The point is you will not be able to communicate with outsiders except those in this island. And of course on the island there is no electricity, so you must bring a flashlight for lighting or prepare to make a campfire if you want to spend the night. Because you’re staying, then of course you should bring a tent as a shelter and sleeping bag to sleep. And don’t forget to bring cooking equipment and mineral water for drinking. If you don’t like to cook, bring foodstuffs of appropriate length of you want stay.

One more, this is very important for women, bring sun-block cream because you’ll continue to be outside and directly in contact with sunlight. I know most Indonesian women really don’t like sunbathing especially if until her skin burned, are very different with Caucasian women. There are so many things you can do on this island. You can swimming or snorkeling safely, because the water in the lagoon “Segara Anakan” is very calm with no waves at all and you can see the coral reef and small fish such as clown fish like in the movie “Finding Nemo” because the water in “Segara Anakan” is very blue and clear.

But don’t ever think to take a bath in “Segara Anakan” because it’s useless bathing in brine, instead you will pollute the water of this beautiful sea. You can also see sunrise above the corals near the lagoon and accompanied with a spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Or you simply lie on the white sand in the afternoon, where your feet occasionally splashed by the ocean tide, looking at the sunset with a breeze blowing. At night, try to lie outside the tent with sleeping bags, looking at the stars.

Or if you are lucky to meet with other camping friends, you can create a campfire and circle it, singing along with the accompanied guitar. The point is have fun on this island and don’t forget to take pictures at every moment as memories in the future because time can’t be played back. At the end of this trip is the most annoying thing, where we have to say goodbye with this incredible island and don’t forget to say “Subhanallah”, over all God creation, the Earth and it’s contents.

One more important thing, don’t ever leave garbage on the island, take the waste with plastic bags do you have and throw in a garbage can, it located at the edge of the island before you cross back. If you are lucky you can get fresh fish for free from the fishermen when crossing back into “Sendang Biru”. And it really happened to me with two of my friends because at the time was early morning, approximately at 9 pm and it’s time to the fishermen will sell their catch at the auction.

Therefore you better get out of the island in the morning, who knows you will also get the same luck as me and two of my friends. To go back home use the same transportation as the first time to depart, and don’t forget the rate. if you want to use the train, you must know the train schedule is for sure. At the “Kota Lama” train station in Malang rarely leading to Yogyakarta, it contrast with the “Tugu” train station in Yogyakarta and the ticket is very expensive because there is no train with economy class or business.

My suggestion is use the bus because it’s easy way, you just enough to the “Arjosari” bus station and buy the ticket. There are many buses to the majors to yogyakarta, choose only up to you and the ticket price isn’t too expensive, around 80,000 rupiahs. It’s important, you don’t come to “Arjosari” bus station more than 6 pm because there are no one any bus to the major to everywhere, it means you’ll be stuck on Malang until tomorrow. I know you must be tired after a few days stay into the wild, so doing a comfortable journey back home. Good Luck! By : Salman Fariz / 100000177 (Writing Progress Test 1)

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