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IT 205 Week 4 Check Point: Monitoring Employees on Networks Employers want to limit an employee’s use of e mails or internet usage during work hours for the following reasons; employee productivity, and network safety. If an employee is using e mail or the internet for his or her own personal use rather than business use, it is costing the company the loss of potential revenue.

The amount of traffic on a company’s network could risk the network’s safety and also cause the server to become clogged with personal business rather than business use. If the network safety of secure business information becomes compromised it may cost the business money in lawsuits and bad publicity. E-mails benefit an organization by the company being able to communicate faster with their customers, and may be an important source of evidence for defending the business should a lawsuit arise.

The benefits of Instant messaging (IM) in an organization is to minimize e mail traffic, and allow the employees to talk in real time without leaving his or her department. Instant messaging on an organization’s network, whether it is personal or business, is subject to surveillance and the organization is held accountable. The drawbacks of Instant messaging (IM) are; unsecured channels within the organization are open and subject to viruses, spyware, worms, and spam, all of which will result to loss of productivity and resources.

It is also a great concern that the IM can contain confidential information about the company and can be leaked through the IM tool because IM is frequently used as a informal means of communication. Benefits of a web page are being able to find information for research needs whether it be for business, or personal. Web page display is a system that is accepted worldwide for retrieving, collecting, formatting, and distributing information using a client / server.

A benefit of using search engines for an organization is finding specific web pages that contain information to help or find a solution to a problem for the business or personal user. Search engines are almost instant and they can sift through Microsoft office applications, HTML files, and PDF files. In my opinion managers should monitor employee’s e mails and internet usage because the employee is after all at work and it costs the company money every time production is down.

A company has an reputation to uphold to their clients/customers and should an employee be surfing on the internet or releasing vital information out through e mails about the organization; that could result bad publicity for the company and may be a lawsuit. Every organization should include in their handbook its policy on internet usage, so if any employee chooses to ignore the policy then he or she will be subject to reprimand or termination based upon the nature of the situation.

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