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Lawyers And Their Role In America

Opinion: The Legal System; as it relates to Law in American Society
In general the legal system in America seems to work very well. When Bill Clinton first came into office his first term, we had a higher crime rate than we do now. While he was in office Bill Clinton enforced revolutionary laws, and actions to support a growing economy and a declining crime rate. The legal system in America has been in effect ever since the first Europeans landed on the American soil. The reason why I think that the legal system runs so smooth is because of its concept. The concept is that if you do the crime then you do equal time. There are some new laws, such as the three strikes law, that has really messed up with that idea. In my opinion the three strikes law, even though it seems to work, it is quite harsh. I do realize that the legal system in other countries is much more harsh, and instead of three strikes and your off to jail, its one strike equals three strikes and your dead.
The humane nature of the American legal system doesn?t allow for this kind of capital

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