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Job Analysis: Assistant Store Managers at Today’s Fashion Problem Statement Mary Watson has no formal training in description and specification of job analysis process. Analysis and Evaluation Mary Watson was awarded a promotion for her ability to manage a department line of clothing Mary had been both a store manager and an assistant manager in a casual wear department. She is now the regional manager for the Pacific Coast, which is one of the largest Fashion’s markets. Mary will manage 35 outlets in California and Oregon; each outlet has a store manager who falls under Mary leadership.

Mary has to figure out how she is going to formulate how she is going to run her outlets. She ran against up a major concern with what each outlet manager duty and responsibility is. The departments vary considerably in size and in the number of sales clerks reporting to the assistant manager. Each assistant manager is responsible for one particular specialty departments. Problem with that is Mary only had work in casual wear so she does not have all the sale experience in the other several lines of wears, Mary has to learn as well before she can figure out what each manager duty description of the job.

Mary never often though that she was responsible for many aspects of store management that other assistant managers were not held responsible for. Mary never really felt comfortable that her store manager had clearly defined her area of responsibility; this may be why she comes short in the areas of management because of understanding in her job description. According, to the discussion question the critical evaluation of job analysis was not by the book, the method that she used was not appropriate for the analysis.

The method that Mary chose was Occupational Information Network (O*NET) because it is broken down into six separate groups and is reader friendly easy to understand and a variety of individuals can use these O*NET. Also consist of areas that is need in putting together a job analysis, worker characteristics, worker requirements, experience requirements, occupational requirements, workforce characteristics, and occupation-specific information all six of the form the worker-oriented, cross occupation, job-oriented and occupation specific the O*NET Content Model (Ivancevich, 2010, p. 58). Mary strengths consist of her finding the right process and asking questions to other managers on what it takes for the position of assistant manager perform their job, she allow others professional in the field to share some input as well as her own. Her weakness came into play by not following the process in the mater it was design to be put on paper. She did not explain in detail what the six models of O*NET stated so it was pretty hard to understand what she was trying to state.

Mary should have examined more about job enrichment, it would have helped her better understand what it was design to do. Job enrichment tries to design jobs in ways that help incumbents satisfy their needs for growth, recognition, and responsibility. Job enlargement is differ because the job is expanded vertically; her employees are her assistant manager and in the past they might have been given her duties, they need to know that there are different level of management. According, to the John M.

Ivancrvich, although there are many different approaches to job enrichment, one approach is job characteristics model is one of the most widely publicized. It states that for a job to lead to desired outcomes it must possess certain “core job dimension. ” There are five dimensions to look at in the process skill variety, task identify, task significant, autonomy, and feedback they are very important to analyze the job analysis. (Ivancevich, p. 167). After carefully reviewing the job description and job specification that Mary prepared it yes, it is apparent it could use more work done to it.

For example, there are specific rules to writing a job analysis however, according to John Ivancevich, there is no standard format for a job description, and almost all well-written, useful descriptions will include information on job titles of the other identifying information such as its wages and benefits classification. Summary is a brief one or two sentence statement describing the purpose of the job and the outputs are expected. Equipment clear statement of the tools, equipment and information required for effectively performing the job.

Environment description of the conditions of the job, the location of the job and finally, Activities includes a description of the job duties, responsibilities, size of work group, and amount of dependency in the work. (Ivancevich, p. 162-3). Ivancevich states that the job specification evolves, from the job descriptions. It addresses the question “What personal traits and experience are needed to perform the job effectively? ” The job specification is especially useful guidance for recruitment and selection.

Example, of what application should have a college education and at least two years of experience. Yes, if Mary makes some changes and follow what the book listed in the chapter. For a manager learning for the first time it was not that bad for a beginner, writing a job analysis. However, Mary can be sued for discrimination in her hiring practices because she did not follow the legal guidance to the letter and no indication in the case study Mary should run her document through the legal advisor process. Because she can be held reliable whatever can be proven on the job analysis.

According to government and union restrictions regulations prohibits discrimination in hiring and employment have a direct impact on recruiting practices. In addition to the IRCA is a complex piece of legislation, but its basic features fit. (Ivancevich, p. 185). Recommendation Mary needs to learn more about putting together a job analysis. She needs to learn how to write clear and specific job descriptions. Recommend that she take a closer look at ensure it is not so vague. Fortunately, she should try using software packages are available to simplify this process and save time.

Mary may want to take a look at Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) to pin point the right job focus description for the assistant manager position. Also recommend that she get advice from legal this will reduce the risk of discriminating on the basis of disability. Finally, Mary might take a look at uniform guideline on employee selection procedures. References Ivancevich, John M. , (2010). Human Resources Management, (11th ed. ). New York, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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