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FRQ Between 1676 and 1739 there were a lot of rebellions, uprisings, wars, and revolts in colonial America. Two specific rebellions are Bacon’s Rebellion, which occurred in 1676, and the Stono Rebellion, which occurred in 1739. These two rebellions were caused by pent up anger and tension between slaves and indentured servants and white people. Both Bacon’s Rebellion and the Stono Rebellion were the cause of Native American and Slave tensions. Bacon’s Rebellion started when the Susquehannock people of the upper Potomac River had a conflict with the tobacco planters expanding outward from Virginia.

Violent raids led by Nathaniel Bacon, led to the massacre of natives. This rebellion highlighted a developing conflict between frontier districts and the more established coastal region, where the Indian and Native American issue had been settled. Colonial authorities in Virginia and North Carolina began to favor armed expansion into Indian Territory, hoping to gain the support of backcountry men by enlarging the stock of available colonial land. Planters’ fear of disorder among former indentured servants encouraged them to accelerate the transition to slave labor.

This could all be considered Native American and slave tension. In contrast, the Stono Rebellion was caused by a small group of Native Americans. In 1739, a group of 20 Angolans armed themselves and began a march toward Florida and with search for freedom. They plundered a number of planters’ homes and killed about thirty colonists. After this rebellion, uprisings continued to occur throughout the United States. Planters and farmers grew scared that an uprising could start on their farms.

To stop all of the uprisings, colonial officials shut off the slave trade through Charleston for the next ten years. The slave trade stopped due to Native American and slave tensions. In conclusions, Bacon’s Rebellion and the Stono Rebellion are very important parts of history. They both involved and cause Native American and slave tensions throughout their locations. Bacon’s Rebellion was the cause of slave labor while the Stono Rebellion stopped slave trade for up to ten years. Native American and slave tensions were a major part of American history.

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