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Have you ever felt that nothing was going your way and you just needed to be with someone you really could count on? In my opinion the most important thing, that the person, who is your friend has the same passion you have. Then he or she will surely understand why you want to go to the party tonight, or why you just want to stay at home. But the point is that a friend should not be a sport- friend (if you have the same sport passion), but a friend outside of sports also. People need friends all the time in their lives. If I have a difficult life situation I need a friend to give me a hand.

When I have problems with my parents, I can always talk to a friend. Only I really know, who is the best person to become my friend. No one can tell me : ‘Make friends with him, because…’. There are some things to remember about friendship: I can’t buy it, and I can’t be told to accept someone as a friend. So as a good friend, I plan on showing you the value of being there for your friend, and the caring that is involved in being a good friend. I think that everyone needs at least one good friend. So the value of having a good friend is sometimes hard to come by. I mean you got to be there for them when they need you the most.

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