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Life is a funny place. It seems we go from kindergarten to retirement in the blink of an eye. We have retirement plans that we put in place as soon as we can. We have plans for dinner, vacation plans, building plans, weekend plans, landscape plans, and we have plans for everything. Why do we plan out everything? We schedule weekend plans for fun because it is important. We schedule dinner plans to meet with friends so we can spend time together. We follow building plans because our homes are important to us.

We follow landscape plans so our yards will look nice. All of those things are important to us and warrant a plan so that we don’t forget to do them and so that we can set aside the time to do them right. Why do you need a five-year career plan? Your career warrants at least the same importance as our yards, and dinner. A career plan provides a jumping off point that provides direction and gives you a goal of where you expect to be in five years. As a high school student, I have to put much thought into the future.

Preparing for college takes forethought and initiative, so I’ve often thought about where I would be years from now. No one can predict his or her own future and no one can tell what will be your life in the next five or ten years from now, there’s a possibility that you will die or there’s a possibility that you will have your own family, you just can’t tell. I always wanted to see what my life would be like in the future, what will be my career and what will my life become?

As I reflected back on my childhood, I have many dreams and aspirations that I would like to accomplish within the next five or ten years to come. In five or ten years, I can see myself having many of my goals accomplished, if not accomplished, I will be working on accomplishing those goals to fulfill my life. I know it’s not easy to know your life next five or ten years but I just can’t stop thinking about it whenever I think about it I always smile seeing the sky above showing that I achieve my goals and see my family proud of me.

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