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Presently, the society gives much focus and attention to the childcare aspect of the society as much hope for the betterment and development of the civilization lies in the future generation. As the people are now more aware and interested about the importance of the childcare field, they are now more inclined to devote significant resources and efforts to develop this sociological field for the benefit of their society particularly as part of their future and long-term goal.

Indeed, the younger members of the society are given sufficient attention and concern from the society for the development of their respective personality and abilities as the foundation of the future generation. As a manifestation of this concept, many institutions and organizations are formed to attend to the rapidly increasing demand for childcare especially in the early stages of their development. This field has already become a professional choice for most people due to the fact that the normative and traditional view about this aspect has already changed by the transformation of the culture of the modern civilization.

These institutions have their own characteristics and approaches to implement their childcare services towards their young customers prompting the respective effectiveness and efficiency of each childcare institution. To recognize the importance and the value of these childcare organizations, this author will critically analyze an actual childcare organization to determine its effect and significance to the cognitive and personal development of its young patrons.

The chosen organization is the Carrington University Childcare Learning Center operating in Oakwood Georgia, which will be observed through three categories namely its employees, facilities, and systematic approach towards childcare. This observation will be focused on the management system of the said institution towards childcare to determine their significant effect and influence towards the early development of the young customer. Childcare Institution Observation Overview The institution of Carrington Academy in Oakwood Georgia is part of the chain of childcare institution across the country.

This branch is mainly an academic institution that caters to the need of children for early educational and recreational activities. Most of their young customers fall under the preparatory school age and elementary age as part of their main objective of providing a fun learning system where children can develop their academics, interpersonal, and social skills. As a branch of their objective, this institution also has programs for nurturing infants, toddlers and other children with special needs though their population is small in this institution.

As observed by this writer, this branch main objective and operation are toward the early educational learning of the children in the early stages of their academic pursuit. Teachers and Caregivers The faculty of Carrington Academy operates under two classifications whether as prefects or teachers. The prefects are the personnel that handle the outside activities, the basic needs of children particularly their foods and other personal services, and the facilitators of the social activities of the children. The teachers on the other hand are the ones minding the classroom activities particularly on the academic pursuits.

As observed by this writer, the prefects are mainly the personnel stationed in the preschool and kindergarten classes while the teachers are the ones in the elementary class. Through close observation, this writer can state that both the teachers and prefects in this institution are performing with high excellence manifested with their cheerful behaviour, warm interactions, and kind mood particularly in the preparatory classes. The teachers in the elementary sector also have the same characteristics though they also employ discipline and authority on their classes as needed by the development of the students.

In the morning, the cheerful characteristics of the faculty are noticeable with the interaction with the children and their parents as they all welcome them to the start of their new class day. Most teachers even give an overview of the activities and the performance of the children to the parents to make them aware and involve in the educational process. The teachers report these informations in a friendly and appropriate manner to make the parents comfortable in being part of the institution.

Inside the classroom, the prefects display friendly and mild characteristics toward their young student to inspire an interactive and enthusiastic learning attitude in them. Through their warm and cheerful attitude that each prefect facilitates their daily academic learning in both their classroom activities and outside periods. In general, the prefects employ the institution learning approach of “learn-and-play” wherein the children are taught to discover the lessons through playing thus, enabling them to enjoy and have fun in their development.

As observed by this writer, the children respond well to this approach based from the enthusiasm and activeness they display during their classroom programs and outside activities. The children appear to be cheerful and very much willing to learn and attend each of their classes. Facilities, Learning Tools and Environment Each of the said elements manifest of much importance to the learning process of the student as they can significantly promote the interest and learning development of the student.

Because of this significant influence, it is observable in the Carrington Academy that their management gave much priority for the effective implementation of these aspects. The learning classroom of the young students are decorated in a mild and inspiring manner that promotes learning interest with the calm pictures, maps, animals and others. The elementary classrooms on the other hand were also fashioned in the same manner though with different approach to establish a difference in the advancement of each academic level.

Learning aids and tools are also readily available in all classrooms such as globes, maps, books, and computers for the elementary classes. These computers are set with electronic libraries and encyclopaedias to assist the students in their research and other homework. The grounds are designed to cater the needs of their student population and made lively through the well-maintained grass, flowering plants, and trees to promote a relaxing environment for the students. For the young students, the playground is set with slides, swings, seesaws and other recreational facilities to play with as they interact with their fellow students.

Indeed, the facilities inside the Carrington Academy promotes a relaxing, peaceful and tranquil learning and playing environment for their students. Curriculum and Learning System The learning system in the Carrington Academy is implemented under their main objective of providing an interactive and fun way of learning. This is primarily the characteristic of the learning approach for the preparatory levels to entice the interest and enthusiasm of the children for early academic development.

Their activities are mainly divided into two groups namely the classroom learning and their outside activity. In the first section, the children are taught basic arithmetic, geography, reading, writing and literature. The classroom activity section is then concluded with a snack break and a nap period after which, is their outdoor learning. Part of the outdoor activities are the basic science subject primarily environmental observation and then the playtime period, which is allotted for group games and sports.

The learning system for the elementary classes is also facilitated through the similar approach though with a more advance approach. As the institution desire to start the actual learning process in the elementary level, this level is set from intermediate to advance along with the ladderized grade system. According to one of the elementary teachers, the ladderized educational approach was implemented to provide the student with a transition period without hindering their progressive skills.

Most of their activities are conducted inside the classroom with an interactive environment where the students can actively participate in each discussion to promote their interpersonal and social skills. As observe, this approach is indeed effective as all students react actively in their classroom discussion with cheerful spirit and high interest in the respective lessons. As observed from the institutions records, all teachers and prefects have a high level of academic background and training performance giving them expertise in the field of childcare and education.

As stated by one of the prefects, dedication and interest are the most important factors needed to qualify in the Carrington Academy because this are important in the objective of the institution of providing quality childcare and education service. The parents are also made part of the childcare system of the institution. Whenever parents are present, teachers and prefects cheerfully interact with them giving information about the institution’s activities and about the performance of their children.

In addition, regular faculty-parent meetings are conducted through either formal or casual occasion where the parents can voice out their feedbacks and comments about the institution’s system. In this institution, parents are made aware of the learning system and are welcome to participate in the institution’s activities. Conclusion In general, this observation has pointed out to this writer the efforts given by childcare institutions towards the objective of nurturing the development of the young population of the society.

As early childcare education is deemed an important stage for these young people, the society channels significant interest and resources in developing the said field as manifested in most childcare institution such as the Carrington Academy. As said in their objective, the Carrington Academy wishes to inspire the young population in their learning pursuit enabling them to develop into productive and competent individuals for the society in the future.

Indeed, the institution has full manifested this objective through their establishment of an effective early child learning facility, ladderized and interactive educational system, and the creation of a cheerful, inviting and comfortable learning environment encompassed in the Carrington Academy. As concluded in this observation, early child learning development is very much important and the society has fully realized its significance as manifested in their development of an effective approach towards childcare and the early learning system.

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