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Use of drugs by athletes is to increase their performance and endurance during competition. A variety of drug supplements are available in market including anabolic steroids, amino acid supplements, vitamins, painkillers, minerals, and stimulants etc. Certain illegal drugs are also sold on street or other places. Athletes use these drugs for several physiological, psychological, social, economic and political reasons. The main purpose of using is to enhance performance, cope with physical stress, increase strength and size, and relax after hard competition.

Abuse trends in drug abuse involve their excessive and illegal use. Even some legalized drugs if used excessively and for obnoxious purpose is abusive. A number of such drugs marketed on streets are abused. For example, amphetamine and methamphetamine has long been used by athletes and students. These drugs increase the physical and mental performance; make the consumer awake for long hours to stay away from sleep and producing a false sense of power and energy to work for long period of time. However, some other drug stimulants like caffeine or ephedrine were sold on streets with the name of methamphetamine.

Some domestic illegal laboratories manufactured and distributed these drugs without any license. As the production of this drug is highly dangerous as it involves some dangerous volatiles chemical and risk of explosions and fires. There are many illegal drugs that are not allowed by law. The decision of court to which drug should be punishable depends on their testing and use. Certain drugs like heroin, crack, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco are prohibited according to the threat they pose.

Use of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco is prohibited to some extent but heroin and crack produce very terrible results hence their use is extremely punishable. Whether the act is punishable depends on the “use of drugs”, which drug is used, how and when it is used. Many players never care about the legitimacy of drugs. The main purpose behind the legalizing and banning abusive use is to maintain health of human body. References Drug in sports. Retrieved from http://www. drugfreesport. com/choices/drugs/general. html National Collegiate Athlete Association.

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