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Drugs help prevent and restore a person’s well-being. However, drugs may also destroy and cause more damage in a person’s health. On one side, drug-use is a health issue because it is one of the main elements used to preserve and prolong life. On one hand, however, it is a criminal justice issue especially if it covers the illegal use of drugs. Should drug-use be treated as a health issue or as a criminal justice issue then? Which would be more effective? Today, physicians consider disease-fighting drugs as one of the greatest gifts to man.

Many people use such substances with caution and with the help of doctors to prescribe how such medications may be used. Prescriptions help people use these substances responsibly. They are utilized to prevent and or cure certain illnesses or alleviate a patient’s pain. These substances certainly save and prolong the lives of millions of patients who desire to be restored to health. However, drugs can be harmful. There is a tendency for these to be misused, especially in today’s drug-oriented society.

They can be abused as these may cause physical or psychological dependency. This dependency can cut one off from the world of reality. Not only that, inappropriate and prohibited drug-use can aggravate personality defects and prevent individuals from confronting the less pleasant aspects of their “self” or his or her environment. It leads one into avoiding reality, with or without chemical assistance. What is more, it can also cause abusers of drugs into conflict with law that prohibits drug-use. And most often than not, such drug abusers do not always get away unpunished.

In healthcare, drug use may also be misused in issues covering physician-assisted suicides, accidental overdoses administered to patients, and “unintentional drug administration mistakes” in medical malpractice. I believe drug-use should be treated more of a criminal justice issue since it may encompass matters that relate to healthcare issues. Practices in healthcare involving drug-use may or may not be illegal. But with the law clearly defining improper and deliberate abuse of drugs, people – including those in healthcare will be very c

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