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Drug trafficking and addiction among the people belonging to the different strata has posed serious threat to the health of the society today all over the world. But we mark accurateness of this malady when its menacing rise in an alarming proportion among the youth through out the globe in recent years is brought to the surface. It is, indeed, a matter of genuine concern to al the right-thinking persons. The popular and intoxicating drugs are normally produced from opium. LSD, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hashish, morphine, and charas etc.

are some brands of the drug, which has been drawing a very sizeable sections of all young persons, in particular, to their charmed circles with irresistible impetuosity. (Lamb, 198) The first interviewee, Christina Richards is a 22 year old black female and is single. She is from a low economic background and an offspring of a family having problematic history with her mother remarrying a Hispanic individual when she was 6. She grew up in downtown Chicago with her mother and currently she is living in New York.

She is a dropout from school and works in a restaurant as a waitress. Question for the interview: Do you smoke? Yes, quite regularly, about 15 cigarettes a day. Drink alcohol? Quite often. But cannot pin point the number of pegs as such. Use other drugs? Yes- I do drugs. Marijuana to be specific. Why? It’s the sense of pleasure. Or maybe, acts as an energizer. Well! I like the trip anyhow. That is the main reason. How much? That would be 4 or 5 rifer a day. That would be around 20 grams. It is a schedule for the last 3 years. Would you like to quit? Yes. I think so.

Why? Sometimes the trip gets quite high and you are emotionally extremely low or melancholic on the day after. Sometimes that carries on for days. Do you think much about the health hazards? You see sometimes it takes a lot on your health. Sometimes there are memory failures. What drug habits do people you know engage in? There are several kinds of drugs- LSD, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, hashish, morphine…you name it. What are the reasons? You have to ask them for that but maybe it’s their outlet to a pleasure world. The results? It is same for all of them.

They are all pessimist most of the time and low in day to day energy. What healthy activities do you engage in on regular basis? Health activity? Like jogging or work outs? No. Nothing specific. I just follow my routine job at the restaurant. It could be seen that Christina is willing to give up drugs but is unable to find a way. It is certain that in real sense though she is positive about leaving it with the understanding that it is extremely detrimental for body and mind. However, she seems to continue with it as it provides the soothing balm that she needed for her peace of mind.

This peace of mind that she is looking for is an illusion that is making her more psychologically dependent on the drug. Though marijuana is supposed to be a soft drug it is ramifying enough if used for a long enough time. Christina is already at a point when the ill affects of the drug is about to start. She may be or may not be aware of the actual circumstances she is about to face but what ever it is she is unable to quit, at least for the moment. She mix around with other drug addicts and so she finds herself in a comfort zone with the others.

The second interviewee, Kevin Waugh is a single white male of 19. He is from an affluent background with his mother being a social worker with CRY and his father is successful software professional. He is currently completing his high school degree from a noted institution. Kevin is currently living in New York for his studies but is originally from Detroit. He gets a monthly allowance from his parents and thus he has no need to work on his own. However, it should be mentioned that he is living single in the city from the age of 16 with occasional visits from his parents i.

e. about twice a year. Question for the interview: Do you smoke? Hardly, I smoke about 20 cigarettes a week, or even less than that. Drink alcohol? Not regularly. And even so mostly soft alcohols like wine. It would be around 2 liters a week. Use other drugs? Is, I use drugs but nothing more than Cocaine. Why or why not? Well, I feels it is great for party purpose. Got great kicks. How much? Nothing much. I first took it about a year back. A couple of sniffs that is all. Sometimes a little more but nothing more that 4-5 sniffs. The parties take place once in a week or two.

Would you like to quit? Sure. With time. I am not a person who would stick to drugs for a long time. Why? See, it is great for parties but once I get into professional career I would say bye to it because it is detrimental for health in the long run but for the moment it fine. Do you think much about the health hazards? I do not feel much of a hazard regarding health at the moment. It even helps you concentrate while studying and it is emotionally charging. What drug habits do people you know engage in? Mostly, cocaine but some of my friends try hashish or morphine once in a while.

What are the reasons? Same as mine. They are not regulars and they use these drugs just for momentary enjoyments. The results? I don not see any emotional or physical changes. Maybe some of my friends seem to be more aggressive after doing drugs. What healthy activities do you engage in on regular basis? I work out regularly. I run two miles every day. There is no complaining about my health. Kevin is a happy go lucky character at the moment and wants to enjoy life at its full extent. However, he is concerned about his studies and is looking forward towards an affluent career perspective.

However, for the moment it seems that Kevin is neglecting the possible health hazards in near future. The problems of Christina and Kevin are very different. Christina wants a way out of her regular life with the help of drugs but Kevin is more interested in having fun out of life and drugs is his vehicle for it. For Christina a troublesome past and a dark future is the deciding factor for her addiction knowing quite well the drugs is affecting her quite badly whereas Kevin is taking life too easy at the moment and is not considering the health hazards in the future.

However both of them seem to be a part of groups who are into drugs at the moment. For Christina the challenge is taking grip of her like as a whole and for Kevin it is his self respect and career that is at stake at the moment along with possible health problems. One interesting question that came up to me while interviewing is that it should be looked upon on the level of influence that friends or groups have on an individual that instigate on takings drugs.

It is important to understand the intensity of group psychology while taking drugs and about taking drugs. In conclusion it should be mentioned that neither the supply nor the demands for drugs have been reduced in recent years. Rapidly growing trend of drug addiction among youngsters all over the world, prevalent and unremitting drug trafficking and exports from some regions like Columbia has become an issue of great concern. An uncontaminated earth, totally undefiled by drugs, can never be recuperated in future.

There exist several burning examples of the predicament that this malady has been ruining the future of the world and its civilizations, and it has today taken the proportion of an epidemic all over the world. The break up of the existing supply nexus of drugs would destroy the power of the drug barons and only then it would be possible to reduce the evils on the teens and the young adults. (Bell, 227) References: Bell, D; (2005); Young Adults and influence of Media; HBT & Brooks Ltd Lamb, Davis; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; National Book Trust.

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