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Acts of violence can take many forms. The effects of violent acts can be abusive and destructive not only to the physical well being of an individual but also in terms of his or her emotional and psychological soundness. Drug dealing is a good example of an act of violence that tend to affect the welfare of an individual in terms of affecting almost all areas of his or her life. Drug dealers perpetrate violence not only in terms of the life they destroy but also in their mode of operation that is often associated to violence.

There are some cases wherein in the middle of the violent behaviors of these drug dealers innocent bystanders get hurt. These civilians who have no participation in the drug dealers activities are often put in a disadvantageous position even to the point of losing their life. Being the case, it is important that due attention should be given to the violence that are involved in drug dealing and most especially the innocent bystanders who get involved. Violent crimes usually take place because of the involvement of perpetrators with illicit substances.

This kind of idea refers to the aggressive patterns of interaction that is involved within the systems of illegal drug trafficking and distribution. Most systematic violence in the American society is often associated with trafficking of cocaine. This is proven by the fact that drug trafficking has increase violent crimes in America’s inner cities during the recent years. Drug-related violence is often caused by the psychopharmacological effect of this kind of substance to an individual’s mental well-being that usually drive them to violent behaviors.

This type of violence can also be attributed to the acquisition, distribution, selling, and the whole process of drug trafficking because of the large amount of money involved drug dealers sometimes tend to get the better from other dealers. The greed of these drug dealers often result to violence because it even involved murdering their business partners to get more from their deals (Inciardi, 1999). Data show that drugs play an influential role in most violent crimes.

This is clearly observable in the study of 4,298 New York City homicides wherein 31 percent of the victims used cocaine within the 24-hour period to their deaths. It is very likely that homicide victims who are under the influence of drugs might have provoked violence to themselves through irritability, paranoid thinking, and verbal or aggression. This kind of behavior is identified as the psychopharmacological effects of cocaine. It was also suggested that drug use can be a sign of a mode of living that includes violence.

Moreover, violence in the drug marketplace is also observable because of the ranges of weapons that are readily available during situations like disputes, armed robberies, and the use of those sellers who transport drugs (Inciardi, 1999). Innocent bystanders are sometimes the victims of this drug-related violence. This often involves the different gangs that are involved in drug trafficking. Gang violence that involves innocent bystanders is normally executed with firearms. Bystanders can also be injured during the initiation requirements when they desire to be included in the gang.

Some of this initiation requirements are robbery or assault of a nonmember. A report from the Crime Control Institute documented that the number of bystanders injured or killed by gangs have increased three time in just the span of three years especially in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC (Finley, 2007). The involvement of innocent bystanders casualties in most gang violence have dramatically increase. Authorities blame the surge in gang violence to the accessibility of drugs and guns in the market.

The abuse of illegal substances together with the possession of deadly weapons is a lethal combination for violence. As a result, innocent people are getting more hurt and are even losing their lives because of these violent crimes (Finley, 2007). This kind of problem should be given due attention by government officials because it poses a huge threat to the security of innocent citizens. References Finley, L. L. (2007). Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence. Cincinnati: Greenwood Publishing Group. Inciardi, J. A. (1999). The Drug Legalization Debate. California: Sage Publication.

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