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Excessive intake of drugs and alcohol leaves toxins residue to stay inside our body. It can continuously affect a person’s health and mental wellness even years after he has stop using them. The rapid increase of illegal drugs and alcohol intakes among our children shows a parallel effect on alarming increase of broken family ties and drug related crimes that destroying our society. With this, a call for intensive drug education program should be design not only to educate students but as well as there family and peers.

Prevention is better than cure Educating students from elementary schools falls into the inner circle of individual influences because of their innocence. Children as young as these students, should be thought of how to develop the proper personality traits. During these tender years, our children are still in search of their selves. Along these years of searching, crisis may always arise to a child that grew without proper guidance. Drug abuses are not genetic but the influence of older housemates will set the mind of a child that drug is cool.

Drug education should start from our own home and be thought by example. The interpersonal and peer resistance are also vital for educating a child. A child must know whom should he or she befriend. Bad friends deliver only bad influences and our child are always prone to this. They should be thought how and when to say “no” to a friend. A child must also thought of right attitude and beliefs and it depends on the family orientation. Just remember that whatever teaching we thought for our children, they will carried it all through their life.

Educating junior minds Junior high school students are most likely exposed to drugs and alcohol. By this time, they already knew the meaning of illegal drugs and alcohol yet might still be confused of how and why it is being forbidden to them. These confusion may lead them to temptation to taste drugs by them self. The program for these students should now focus on the interpersonal and social influences. Parents are the number one factor of this program.

Our home is the basic part of our society and the output of our children’s contribution to our community depends on how parents are raising their child. Parent should spent times to feed their child’s awareness and explain to them about the bad effect of illegal drugs and excessive alcohol. School policies and law enforcement are inter-related factor for this program. They are both rules that born by the will of drug abuse prevention and only separates on their jurisdiction.

But policies alone are not enough to keep our child away from drugs. The community and school should develop programs that will keep the children busy. Activities that may divert them to have interest into sports and enhancing their talents are some example of what our school and community could contribute to this program. Making of a man High school students are more matured and uncontrollable than the other two categories. Here, we now focus more of the larger area of environmental influences.

The federal laws concerning alcohol and illegal drugs are there but will not mean a thing if not strongly implemented by the law enforcement and society. Members of the community should work hand and hand to strictly abide the federal laws such as the right age of purchasing alcoholic beverages. Store and bar owners are oblige not to sell these products to minors. Likewise, advertisers should be more responsible on their portrayal of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on T. V. and in movies.

The creation of non-academic youth club under the support and guidance of teachers will be a great help to develop their leadership skills and set a good examples among the youth of their age to have a healthy lifestyle. Drugs, alcohol and their purpose Drugs and alcohol wasn’t really that bad. It was created on a purpose to help extends other peoples life. It would only become illegal if not use on the way they should be taken. The absence of guidance of the adult gives a chance to our youth to indulge in such vices. Let us be the influence and live by example for our youth no matter how young they are.

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