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It has been established that drugs and alcohol engagement is destroying the lives of the young people especially those in the school and college going age set. The most common incidences happen due to peer group pressure amongst the youth. Even though there is evidence that many young people who abuse drugs and alcohol could also be due to the influence of parental or guardian abuses, majority will generally engage in the process due to age set social influence. Effects and environmental factors of alcohol and drug indulgence

When the young people come together at common places like the study campus, they will normally invent social themes such as ‘campus-nite’ and ‘faculty party’ which will see them indulge in binge drinking. The influence of alcohol will in most cases predispose the young people to the temptations and pressure of drugs abuse. It has been observed that the probability of a young drug addict abusing alcohol as well is nearly 95%, while the probability of a young alcoholic abusing drug is nearly 40%.

When young people abuse drugs, there are many way in which their lives are destroyed. Both the young males and females will loose focus of academic goals. They will not be able to meet the school and college GPA set standards because much of their private study time will be used in the alcoholic and drug activities. Thus many young people will not be able to graduate from school and college. Additionally, when the academic institution catches up with them, many young people will be expelled from the institution and this will disrupt their academic life cycle.

The young female who engages in drug and alcohol abuse will normally face double tragedy. Other than jeopardizing their academic life cycle and future career, they are like to loose control and become pregnant. They also risk getting AIDS and other behavioural contracted ailments, just like their male counterparts due to loss of activity control. When this happens, they will have to stay out of program for a while and this will make them depressed with likelihood of developing psychological conditions.

Such young ladies, who do not get proper counselling, may in future, become hard drug and alcohol abusers, as an advanced form of the earlier milder condition. Across the board, young school and college going people who indulge in drug and alcohol abuse are unlikely to score more than C average in the GPA. This grade will get worse with the more alcohol and drugs they consume. Studies have shown that the young females will have the same negative effect at just half the same alcohol quantities that their male counterparts consume.

In fact the young female are more likely to drop out of school or college after a very short period of indulgence drugs and alcohol abuse. Over 30% of the school drop out cases is attributed to drug and alcohol abuse amongst the young people. There are many other problems that will be encountered by the young people who indulge in drug and alcohol abuse. Very frequently, they engage in fights and will be seen having inflicted injuries on their bodies. The violence culture is likely to put them in the wrong side of the law just like the underage alcohol and drug abuse.

Once they are jailed, they young people will loose out in the free and normal academic life. In jail they may end up meeting other hard core alcohol and drug criminals who will harden their attitude and perception of life. Alcohol and drug abuse amongst the young people has been attributed to the drop of athletic and sports standards all over. When the young people engage in alcohol and drug abuse, they risk being expelled from the sport and athletic discipline which would otherwise have turned out to be a livelihood. Many prominent young sportspersons are case studies.

Other will have their performance go down with time due to the impact that the drug and alcohol has on their bodies. Conclusion: In summary, the effect of alcohol and drug abuse among the youth has various negative effects on their lives. Academic dreams and careers are put at risk in each case. The females and at double risks of the negative impact. The aspiring sports and athletic youth have their lives shattered. Lives are lost and injuries are sustained during violence that is instigated by the influence and indulgence in alcohol and drugs.

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