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Many of us think that those who are wealthy do not need to go through the pain of domestic violence and other social problems. Because of this, we fully understand that majority of the poor and uneducated families are the ones experiencing social problems and domestic violence. In addition to this, poor families experience deprivation from housing, medical, and financial help from the government. Therefore, we believe that domestic violence occurs only in poor and minority families.

Different studies have been conducted, both on upper class, middle class, and lower class families. From these, it shows that battering or domestic violence occurs among all types of families, regardless of their income amount, their profession, religion, ethnicity, or race. Victims can be found in all social and economic classes. Domestic violence does not only occurs in poor, uneducated, and minority families because it can come from wealthy or poor families; educated or uneducated people. They just have their own ways of resolving it.

However, there is the fact that the lower class families are the most at risk because of the social or economic factors such as unemployment. When both parents cannot generate enough income for the family, or only one of them is providing for the family, problems occur. Along with this, arguments cannot be avoided, which may result to violence between the partners. Over representation to police reports about victims that have lower income is the purpose to seek for public assistance. This is due to their lack of money to support their fight against violence.

While on the other hand, the upper class families have their own ways in settling assistance against domestic violence because they have the money and connections to aid them and over-representation to police reports are not necessary. Poverty, inadequate housing, education, unemployment, and parental substance abuse are some of the things that not only the government but also the community must consider to patch up. Programs must be provided for the people to make their selves useful and be able to contribute to the family. Awareness on how a certain community may grow is through the cooperation of everyone in the neighborhood.

Education is important in these lower class families because it is through education that both adult and children will act responsively. In this way, the image that domestic violence comes from the lower class families may be eliminated. References Bonem, M. , Stanely- Kime, K. L. & Corbin, M. (2008). A Behavioral Approach to Domestic Violence. Brooks, K. S (2010). Pitt Seminar Focuses on Strengthening Minority families. Levinson, D. (1989). Family Violence occurs in Cross-cultural perspective. Sage Publications. McCloskey, L. A. (1996). Socioeconomic and Coercive Power in Families. Gender and Society.

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