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Many things happened all over the world. The cycle of changes and occurrence of different instances varies every moment in different places. We live in a realistic world, so it is only safe to say that most of us experience the negative sides of living. Most of us experience bad moments in the hands of other people. Most of the time, women and children have been victims of these negative issues. But we still accept the fact that it can happen to anyone of us. One of these issues is domestic violence which is quite rampant nowadays.

According to CAFCASS in the United Kingdom in its “Domestic Violence Policy”, “domestic violence is a range of violent and abusive behaviors, defining it as patterns of behavior characterized by the misuse of power and control by one person over another who are or have been in an intimate relationship. It can occur in mixed gender relationships and same gender relationships and has profound consequences for the lives of children, individuals, families and communities”. Thus, it can be considered as a criminal offense.

Even though psychological and emotional abuse may not be considered as a criminal behavior, it is still a form of abuse that can be considered as a criminal violence. There are many forms of domestic violence that can be visible as manifestations of that certain case. Some of them are physical, psychological and sexual abuse. Physical abuse can be characterized as an abuse wherein great force and threat has been used to a person resulting in a physical injury, harm or even death by another person through the use of his or her strength or an object like weapons and harmful element.

Examples of which are kicking, punching, wounding someone through the use of a knife, or ironing the skin of the person, or even shooting someone with a gun. Results of physical violence are bruises, abrasions, cuts, burns, wounds and other harm that the physical force causes to the person. Another form of domestic violence is sexual violence. Sexual violence arises when grave force is used to a person to do sexual activities that is against the person’s will. Doing something against the will of the person has a negative effect on the person to whom you’re doing the force; thus, making it a ground of abuse.

Another case is when a sexual act has been done to someone not capable of agreeing or disagreeing to that act, like a child, a mentally demented person, or an insane. The other one is psychological abuse. This abuse arise when there is threat that signifies harm or death, that is communicated through words, gestures or use of any other objects to cause the abuse. A devilish look towards a person, a gesture that means of killing somebody or just a plain pointing of a gun to a person are some concrete examples of threat that leads to psychological abuse.

Any acts that gives fear and anxiety to a person can be considered psychological abuse; thus, giving a ground for a criminal offense. But mostly, we are aware that domestic violence is only addressed to women or children. But the reality is men, also pass to those negative experiences. And records can give justification to that statement. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Retrieved 22 September, 2006), “three million two hundred thousand men experience minor abuse like hitting, slapping, grabbing, shoving and pushing per year. In the United States, approximately 800,000 men per year (3.

2%) are raped or physically assaulted by their partner. ” The domestic violence that happened to men is also done by their male partners or even their female partners for that matter. The only reason why most of us are not aware of these incidents is because only few were reported. But in reality, the cases of domestic violence in men can be of the same number as the incidents in women. Domestic violence also causes death, usually to the perpetrators. It is mainly due to the revenge established by the victim that caused the death of the perpetrator.

On the side of a woman, even her strength is not enough to handle the perpetrator, women are clever enough to use other materials just to even up the deficiency she had in terms of strength; thus, making the fight even. According to Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD RN FAAN, “at least two thirds of women killed by their intimate partners were battered by those men prior to the murder. She also found that when males are killed by female intimates, the women in those relationships had been abused by their male partner about 75% of the time”.

Domestic violence has really great impacts; not only to the parties involved, but also to the community they exist. As to children, their interactions with other people are greatly affected by those cases that make them vulnerable and weak. The psychological effect on children tends to manifest as they grow. Some resulted in a negative phase. They may do the same thing to other or they will have the fear to mingle and interact with others. Some children tend to be dominantly aggressive with other children, for they experience being important when they feel they are greater than others.

Number of delinquent children increase as the case of domestic violence also increase in rate. As for women, they might tend to have a nervous breakdown or psychological problem with regards to their experience of violence. Some women tend to loose their confidence and hope to face the world, for they feel being played upon and abused. They tend to feel useless and unworthy of things that they should have and enjoy. Due to existing numbers of domestic violence, crime rates also increases that trigger the peace and order of a certain community.

Other effect is it increases the rate of broken family in the society; thus, making the community prone to negative elements, like drugs and other forms of abuse. That is why the communities are doing all the possible ways to eliminate or minimize the number of domestic violence cases through establishing an organization that fill the objective of that particular problem. Government provide help desk and perform rescue operations to women or any other victim of said violence.

Non-government organizations that solely cater to the needs of victims of domestic violence are also established by ordinary people in the community with great sympathy to those people who suffered a lot. Some give livelihood programs to victims in order for them to be busy of things beneficial to them, making them forget about what had happened in their past. Some offer psychological therapy and programs for the victims for them to be back to their normal lives. Government also feed to people through advertisements regarding social awareness of domestic violence in their community.

Testimonies of domestic violence survival are also a good way to encourage victims to show up and fight against perpetrators. Activist groups also push some rallies and campaign that address to the issue. Groups like these, invite people who suffered from this violence and tell their story to the areas concern. They also helped victims of domestic violence to get back to their normal life and fight for their right. Usually, they are human right activist and women-oriented group that are intentionally established for the welfare of women and abused.

We should all be aware of the domestic violence issue in our society nowadays. A way of doing so is by equipping ourselves with information and knowledge regarding it and finding ways in which you can be of help in order to prevent or at least minimize the occurrence of the said violence. As people say, “prevention is better than cure”. We should all act to eliminate violence cases in our society for us to live a happy and peaceful life. Being part of the fight against domestic violence is a way of contributing to the welfare of the new generation; thus making you a responsible citizen of your own community.

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