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In a relationship, the roles played by each individual are required be of mutual benefit. However, in some cases they are not and some of the individuals experience much pain and suffering. A relationship should be the place where individuals can get support when need arises but when that relationship becomes the main cause of the suffering the situation becomes complex. In most cases, the victims of abusive relationships are physically or psychologically hurt.

Physical abuse leaves marks which are easily visible while the marks from psychological abuse are not visible but are more damaging than the preceding one (Cook, 2009). Abusive actions can occur in any relationship. However, the type of abuse depends on the type of relationship between the individuals whether it is child-parent, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend or even between friends. In some cases, actions which are abusive in the child-parent relationship are different to those in the husband-wife relationship.

There is wide variety of abusive actions in the husband-wife relationships and some of this may include economic, sexual, physical, stalking, among others thereby making this type of relationship more vulnerable to domestic violence than the child-parent one. The main perpetrators of domestic violence include men and women. The victims of this violence include women, men and children but women and children are most vulnerable ones. This can be attributed to their low physical strength when compared to men.

Consequently, children are the worse affected by domestic violence perpetrated by their parents or relatives since they are young and growing. In addition to the abusive actions directed to the children, they are also affected by abusive actions amongst the parents. Some parents punish their children without mercy thereby causing them physical and psychological damages (Francis, 2009). Even though physical damages heal with time, psychological ones do not. These damages affect the entire lives of those children in school and in their interactions with the society as a whole.

As these children grow the psychological damages inflicted on them by their parents will continue to affect their livelihood. Most of the individuals in abusive relationships are scared of reporting their abusers mainly because the abusers are their loved ones (DiMateo, 2009). For instance, children will not report their abusive parents, since in their minds their parents are punishing them for the wrong they have done. To add to that their affection to their parents would not allow them to sue them in cases where they understand their rights.

Similarly, adult individuals in abusive relationships will not report their abusive partners because of several reasons; fear, highly dependent on them for their upkeep, or do not understand their rights. This therefore forces them to continue staying in the abusive relationship in spite of the pain and sufferings inflicted on them by their abusive partners thereby risking their lives. An abusive relationship can affect adversely the life of the victim since in most cases will lead to permanent damages thereby changing the livelihood of that person.

Furthermore, in most abusive relationships the abusers are aware of their actions and will not admit they are guilt ones when confronted. These abusers puts more efforts in trying to keep the relationship afloat by making the victims feel guilty of their actions and by ensuring that the victims become more dependent on them. In cases where the victim wants to break off the relationship, they will usually do everything to ensure their power and control over the relationship is maintained, even if it means pretending to care for their partners needs. Word count: 586. Reference list Cook, S. E.

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