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Cultural Sexuality

Cultural Sexuality

Sexuality, courtship and mating rituals differ among cultures. The Trobriands and the United States have several similarities and differences, which can be compared and contrasted. These constructs begin in early childhood, continue to adolescence, and extend into adulthood. Indeed, these sexual constructs help as a basic framework, which defines these two cultures.
The Trobriands begin early childhood with a freedom and independence unlike Americans. Beginning as young as five or six years of age, the young Trobrianders are allowed to roam and play in the village or bush without consent from parents. These children have a sexual freedom, as well. To begin with, the children often witness the copulation of the parents within the home. While the house is small, the parents do not consider privacy as an option. Instead, the child may be asked to cover their head. Otherwise, no precautions are attempted to prevent such an event from occurring in front of children. No battier is made, and timing is not even considered for prevention. Instead, the children witness copulation by both hearing and seeing.
To learn more about sex, the Trobriand children engage in sex play, early

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