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Bad Music

Bad Music

Music has been around since the dawn of time. For hundreds of ears people have made music to express the emotions that they feel. Love, hate, happiness, anger, songs can be written about anything. From the love of a man for a woman to green Jell-O, music is human culture. Sometimes songs will make you want to dance as soon as you hear them. On the other hand, there are many songs that will anger people for their lyrical content. What are we to do with these songs Some people argue that we should censor music. Censorship can limit the amount of free speech an artist has.
Censorship is a word dreaded by many artists. No one like alterations of their own words, it is insulting when you are told that your opinion on sex is inappropriate. Who?s to blame The artist, the industry, or are controlling parents the problem, ?This is what totalitarianism is. It is not the will of someone inserting their will on the populace. It?s the will of the populace exerting its will on the populace.? (King Par. 7). Are we to

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