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Every company needs information, but where do they get the information. I will explain where my Mutatio gets the information they need. Before I can explain where the information comes from, I have to explain what for information Mutatio needs. Most important Information Mutatio needs is from the clients: * Personnel information of the clients, e. g. their names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

* Time related information; when are the clients able to come for an appointment. * Why do the clients need or want treatments from a physical therapist; e. g. because of an muscle injury. * What have my colleagues studied and learned the past 6 months; it is important to keep up to date with colleagues, because it is important to keep your reputation high as an physic therapist. Most clients will choose one of the best physic therapist close to home and when the client is satisfied with the Mutatio, he will tell more people which might have or will get injuries and need a physical therapist. It is important that the information is; Complete, Accurate, Timely,

Fit-for-purpose, Cost-effective, Accessible and Intelligible. Here is an example of information Mutatio has gotten from a client and I will explain if the information is; complete, accurate, timely, fit-for-purpose, cost-effective, accessible and intelligible. The information is from an internal source: a voicemail from a client of Mutatio. Hi mom, this is Karen speaking. I am calling because I have pain in my back and in my neck for the last 3 days. Is it possible to make an appointment for tomorrow? Call me back, bye. Is the information Complete and accurate?

If a client calls and leaves a voicemail behind, it is important that the information includes: the name of the person calling, phone-number (if it is not a registered client) and there reason of calling, mostly because of an injury. The injury needs to be explained shortly and accurate so that Jeanny Louvenberg knows how seriously the injury is. Because Karen Janssen already is a client, she doesn’t have to leave her number on the voicemail. The above said information shows that the information is complete and very accurate, because she explained very clear in 2 sentences who she is and why she called.

Is the information Timely? The information is timely, because Karen Janssen has an injury know and wants to get a treatment tomorrow. does the information Fit-for-Purpose? The information is Fit-for-Purpose. The information meets the requirements and is useful for Mrs. Louvenberg. Mrs. Louvenberg is able to treat Karen Janssen tomorrow. Is the information Cost-effective? Yes the information is cost effective, because it is a phone call so there are no costs attached to gain the information and Jeanny Louvenberg will make more money than she expected to make tomorrow. Is the information Accessible?

Yes, because the phone call was so accurate and complete it was easy to obtain the information without any barriers. Is the information Intelligible? Yes the information is intelligible, because Mrs. Janssen explained accurately why she called. Know Mrs. Louvenberg is able to use this information and will gain an extra profit. P3: Describe for which purposes information is being used within your selected company. Think about aspects like planning, control, monitoring, analysis and prediction. The next information is being used By mutation: * Number of clients: per day/ per week/ per month

* Information about clients: why do they need treatments (zodat je weet welke dag je ze plant/ kan voorbereiden) * (New) treatment techniques, with the appropriate studies involved. * (New) products for clients for self-treatment. * Turnover: from the products for self-treatment. Number of clients: This information is used to plan the working hours and to control the turnover rate. Jeanny Louvenberg tries to plan a maximum of 4 clients per day, 5 days in a week. This way she also sees how many clients she has in total, so if she loses circa 5 clients, she will advertise locally to gain new clients.

Information about clients: Every client has a different treatment, some injury’s take longer to treat than others. Jeanny Louvenberg needs to schedule for some clients a longer time to fully treat them right. This way she prevents overbooking. (new) treatment techniques: Everyday more techniques are developed, which are crucial for a physical therapist to learn. If Mrs. Louvenberg doesn’t develop those new techniques, she will lose clients to other physical therapists. (New) products for clients for self-treatment: There are many products on the market for self-treatment that will improve the recovery of an injury.

It is important that Mrs. Louvenberg understand which one are the best for a certain injury and how the products work, so she will be able of showing how the client needs to use the product. This will also boost the sales of the products and clients will trust their physical therapist. Turnover: It is important to keep the profit and loss account and balance sheet up to date. This will avoid problems with the Dutch taxes and it makes it easier for you to come up with plans to increase the profit. P4 legal and Ethical issues in an organisation. Mutatio Legal issues * Data Protection Act 1998

The Data Protection Act gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them, and sets out rules to make sure that this data is handled properly by the organizations holding in the information. Mrs. Louvenberg can’t just mess around with personal details from her clients. All the information and customer details are stored on a secured computer. * The Computer Misuse Act 1990 The Computer Misuse Act of 1990 is a law that makes certain activities illegal such as hacking into other people’s systems, misusing software, or helping a person to gain access to protected files of someone else’s

computer. No information about this Act with Mutatio available. * Freedom of Information Act 2000 This act provides people or businesses with the right to request information held by a public authority, which they also have to supply. E. g. Mvr. Louvenberg prepares the treatment for every client, she has a computer archive with all her clients and the treatments they have got. the clients have the possibility to look in their archive, if they prefer to see the treatments they have got. Ethical issues Ethical issues within Physical Therapy:

The ethical issues below don’t need explanation, because they are easy and logically to understand. * The justification of appropriate fees charged far the services rendered by physical therapists. * The maintenance of truth in advertising. * The endorsement of equipment or products in which the physical therapist has a financial interest. * the involvement of physical therapists in business relationships that have potential for patient exploitation. * The identification and elimination of fraud in billing for physical therapy services.

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