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CJS/230 20th century Penitentiary System April 22, 2011 I believe that health care and safety are two significant changes that have occurred during the 20th century. We now have more advanced technology and more income coming into the prisons to provide efficient care for the inmate’s health issues or accidents that may occur within the facilities. Before the 20th century the death rate of inmates was extremely high, due to the fact of overcrowding and not having the means and resources to efficiently take care of any diseases, illnesses and wounds that passed through.

Safety of correction’s officers and prisoners has changed as well during the 20th century. More money and technology has been brought into our prison system, therefore we now have stronger structures and high-tech security systems that have been put in place. The training of correction’s officers to help keep inmates and correction staff safe is also a major change in helping maintain a safe environment for all individuals in the prisons. How do these changes affect today’s penitentiary system?

These changes affect the penitentiary system tremendously; we now have somewhat of a sense of order and practicality. Without efficient health care, we would have a high death toll, diseases being spread, not only within the penitentiary, but also in the communities and it would cause major problems within the walls of the prison. Without efficient safety measures, we would have more attempts at escapes, riots, and complete chaos, not only in the prison, but in the community as well.

Prisons need structure and safety in order to function properly, without it the prisoners would be in charge. With that said, a prison needs to serve its purpose and maintain a safe and healthy environment, in order to maintain a good flow, just because they are criminals, does not mean their health and safety does not matter because they are human and need to be in a humane environment.

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